Data protection by AvanderNet s.r.o.

Data protection by AvanderNet s.r.o.

We place great importance on protection of our customers’ personal data. This page will provide you with information on how we process your personal data and how we use anonymous data, or so-called “cookies”. If you have any queries concerning personal data, you can contact us by sending an e-mail to The competent party within the terms of this declaration of protection of data is:

AvanderNet s.r.o.
Dolní náměstí 1356
Vsetín 75501
Czech Republic

The law defines personal data as all information enabling identification of a specific person. This particularly concerns a person’s name, address and telephone number. Anonymous data is information and data, which does not enable identification of a specific person.

I. Personal data

During the booking process you will be asked for your name, address, telephone number and e-mail address. We process this personal data for the purpose of administration of your booking, for providing customer support (e.g. answering queries concerning your booking, or payments for your booking or travel documents) and for internal analysis.

If you do not complete your booking of holiday accommodation, we will not register any personal data. In the event that you complete your booking successfully, your personal data is sent to the relevant tour operator (the partner agency stated at each holiday accommodation), explicitly for the purpose of concluding a contract for holiday accommodation and assurance of the customer’s proper accommodation.

We do not provide your personal data to any third parties. An exception are the cases, when we are legally required to disclose personal data to competent bodies, e.g. in the case of a court order, criminal proceedings or investigation.

Evaluation of the accommodation

We will send you a questionnaire for evaluation of your stay after the end of your holiday. By providing this evaluation you consent that it will be published on our website. We will only show your first name, the first letter of your surname and the abbreviation of the country next to your evaluation of the holiday accommodation on our website. By providing an evaluation you contribute information about the quality of the specific holiday accommodation for potential guests.

E-mail newsletter

You can subscribe to an e-mail newsletter on our website independently of booking a holiday accommodation. We use this newsletter to send regular tips for interesting holiday accommodation, special offers and tips for holidays. Every newsletter provides the options to unsubscribe by clicking on the relevant link or sending a request to unsubscribe by e-mail to

II. Anonymous data

Similarly to other Internet services, the Avander website also records anonymous data such as the number of page views, the session duration etc., when you browse the website. This information, so-called “cookies”, enables analysis of use of the website, its subsequent optimisation and further improvement of user experience with the website.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a small piece of data (e.g. _utmc:12814712), which is saved to your browser. From the technical point of view cookies enable various information to be saved when you move from one page to the next page, as the website itself doesn't have a memory. On our website this concerns information such as the selected date of your trip, the number of people, or the preferred sorting method for accommodation e.g. according to price. There are a number of types of cookies with various expiration times and various purposes.

Which cookies do we use

  1. Our own cookies – we use our own cookie files to provide correct function of our website, particularly to remember your preferences and your search configuration so that we deliver the best possible user experience with our website (e.g. filters used during searches, the last viewed accommodation, or previous searches);
  2. Analytical cookies – this concerns cookies used by web analysis tools, particularly Google Analytics. These cookies allow us to create statistics of visitors to our website, including information about the page views, the type of browser or the device on which our website is viewed (e.g. computer vs. mobile phone) and to analyse the method of use of our website (e.g. which filters are most used and which are not used at all). Thanks to this information we can also evaluate what works on our website and what doesn’t and subsequently improve and optimise our website.
  3. Remarketing – cookies for remarketing enable us to display our advert (e.g. with a special offer) to you on other websites at a later date.

Please be aware that by using our website you accept the way in which we use cookies.

Deleting cookies/disabling cookies

Most of modern web browsers automatically accept cookies. However, you can delete cookies from your web browser at any time or even disable their use. Please note that disabling cookies may partially limit the function of the Avander website and most other websites, because cookies are currently a standard website programming tool.

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